Room Transitions

NOTE: This is an extension designed to work specifically with the software GameMaker: Studio 2.2

If you want smooth room transition effects in your game, look no further. This extension provides you with all you need to get going quickly as well as for designing your own transitions with ease!

Initial Setup

There is none! Simply call room_goto_transition to switch rooms while using a transition effect. The function takes an enum value from ROOM_TRANSITION to specify which transition you would like to use, the length of transition in seconds, and whether or not the room you are entering should freeze for the length of the transition or not.


This extension is made to be as simple to use as possible but feature rich as well. Here are some highlights:

Platform Support / Resources

This system is programmed in native GML with all systems in mind. It has not been tested on mobile or browser exports at this time, however.


Is there something here you need or want? Came a cross a bug? Let me know! I actively maintain all my extensions for the lifetime of the product they are targeted for.


Take a look at the built-in transition effects by clicking this video:

v1.0.2 Bugfixes / Changes



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