What the beans is this site? Well, prepare your eye-holes and I'll explain...

I've been casually making games since 2004, only releasing them on occasion to various forums or free hosting platforms. All these platforms have either been archived or terminated and I figured that I was overdue to just host my own stuff in one place.

Initially this website was just going to be a place for people to come and play free games made by me. However, as I've put more and more time into it I also decided to make it a place for developers and people who want to learn to make games as well.

This site will act as my "central hub" where I'll be releasing games, tutorials, game engine extensions, you name it. Tutorials will be in the form of videos and articles while games will vary from browser games hosted on this site to downloadable VR games.

I also want to provide some simple services for indie developers that are new and just want to try out some online features without having to invest in their own servers. By this I mean features like online high-score tables and multi-player match-making.

So what's this mean for you? Well, free games and game development resources! I essentially have two aspects to the site here:

  1. Games / Tutorials
  2. Software Extensions / Online Services

For now, I want to try to keep the games and educational resources absolutely free. I want people to experience the joy of making games and if I can help with that, awesome. For software extensions I will have some free and some paid. I'm hoping that having a couple of them pay-to-use will help offset my own server costs. Likewise for the online services. I provide basic services free of charge so you can dip your toes in and have some fun. I will provide extra features to these services for small fees.

That's all there is to it! If you like games, whether it be making them or playing them, then hopefully I'll have something here that tickles your fancy!