NOTE: This is an extension designed to work specifically with the software GameMaker: Studio 2.2

View the online documentation to explore the available functions.

Make your life easier with the UBG Terminal! Designed to be extremely easy to set up for quick debugging but flexible enough for game-specific customization, you will be pleased with the experience of using this extension.

Initial Setup

A single function call is all it takes to generate the entire working terminal system. It will generate a terminal with default values that can be tweaked through function calls if you so wish.

At this point you can either 1) call the "quick define" script that will define a number of commands for you automatically to get you going quickly or 2) define your own custom commands to do whatever you wish!

Initial setup can be as easy as this:



This terminal is fully equipped to suit your needs. Here are just some of the numerous features available to you.

Platform Support / Resources

This system is programmed in native GML for maximum compatibility. However, it is designed for a system with keyboard input. While it is possible to make it work for a keyboard-less system through the provided functions, for any of the automatic systems to work the client must have a keyboard.


Is there something not here that you want? This extension is actively developed and we'll be listening to customer requests! Do you need more built-in commands, themeing options, or functionality? Let us know!

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