NOTE: This extension was designed to work specifically with the software GameMaker: Studio 2.2

View the online documentation to explore the available functions.

Would you like to expand upon the available string functions included in GameMaker? This extension does just that.

The added functionality ranges from small to large. Whether it is just expanded string search functions or adding inline bbcode support and formatting, this extension makes working with strings significantly more pleasant.

Initial Setup

As this is merely an expansion of functionality to an existing GameMaker structure, there is no extra setup needed.

All you need to do is import the scripts and use them like you would any other. Every script header contains a rundown of how to use it as well as the occasional example. You can also use the online documentation to quickly find what you need.


The functions are split into 4 main categories:

The Print category handles converting strings from one format to another. For example, converting between Pascal and Snake case. Capitalizing a sentence, padding, trimming, pre-formatting wrap, processing placeholders, and so forth.

The Convert category handles converting between two datatypes where one of them is a string. So functions like explode, implode, hex conversion, and so forth are covered here.

The Search category handles retrieving data from a string. Functions such as pulling values from between nested symbols, simple match searches, and filepath-based searches are included.

The BBCode category handles parsing and printing BBCode. The system handles a subset of BBCode that allows for inline color changing, text formatting, and url links.

Platform / Support

This system is programmed in native GML for maximum compatibility. If you come across any bugs or wish to have a feature implemented then please let us know!


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