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NOTE: This is an extension designed to work specifically with the software GameMaker: Studio 2.x

View the online documentation to explore the available functions.

A lot of things can be simplified through the use of vectors and matrices. Unfortunately GameMaker's support for both of these structures is pretty limited.

What is UBG Math?

UBG Math is an extension that aims to implement common mathematical functions and abilities found in other game engines. This includes vectors, matrices and quaternions.

What Does This Extension Provide?

This extension provides several structures for you to use in your projects as well as expands some existing structures provided by GameMaker: Studio. Added structures are proper vector2s, vector3s, and vector4s (vector4s include quaternion operations). Expanded structures are matrices.

You are now able to perform numerous calculations that would be expected of these structures. A non-exhaustive list of examples being:

  • Common vector math (add, subtract, cross, dot)
  • Game-related vector math (bounce, project, slide, slerp, rotate, angle-diff, ...)
  • Extra matrix ops (inverse, determinant, trace)
  • Quaternion constructors and math-ops
  • Inter-structure ops (mutate one structure by another)
  • Convenience string functions for output of structures


This extension is intended to be convenient and finely integrated as if the functions were native to GameMaker: Studio; something you can easily just plop into projects and start using without setup.

This initial release is simply getting the primary functions out of the way. More functionality will slowly be added to the extension.


If you have requests, bugs, or questions then please feel free to contact me! I will actively be adding functions and requests by paying customers.

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