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Upset Baby Games

Block Rush

NOTE: This highscore table is a placeholder for testing purposes!

Can you escape the lava?

Dash, jump, and pound with the arrow keys. You have to think quick and strategically in order to climb the falling blocks and avoid the ever-rising lava!

This is a game of survival where only the highest score has the right to brag. Do well enough and maybe, just maybe, the game will see fit to grant you access to the hardest mode of all where it goes all out in an attempt to bring you down...


This game is currently in beta and open to suggestions. If you think things need to change or you really want to see a feature, let me know!

Currently, achievements are limited in number / effect, saves do not work correctly in the browser as saves are handled locally, and I have yet to implement the global high score board. Still, the game is fully playable.

Change Log v1.0 β3

  • Fixed extreme mode cheap death after shifting into moving block spawns.
  • Fixed tutorial text overlapping when moving too quick.
  • Fixed some audio cues not triggering when they should.
  • Added basic controller support.
  • Further slowed player movement.