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Why Donate?

I'm sure most people would wonder why on earth I'd have a donation page when I'm also selling products. Truth be told, I hate selling stuff. I'd rather just release it all for free and let people enjoy it. Sadly, I need to eat and eating requires money. As this money has to come from somewhere I have to put a price tag on things.

Now, I'll release things for free when I can. Generally speaking I'll try to make my games and educational material free and the programming-related stuff pay-to-use. The more I get in donations the more time I can spend on making free games and tutorials. If I started getting enough donations to live off of then I could simply make everything on the site free, which would be amazing. However, I don't ever expect that to happen so I have the 'business' side of things to help take care of the rest. Long story short, if you want to see more games and tutorials then please consider donating and/or sharing them with people. If you want to see more developer tools, extensions, etc. then please support me through the store.

Whether or not you donate, purchase an extension, or just play with the free stuff I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your time on the site.


I currently can only accept bitcoin at the moment. If you want to send me a little something just scan in that QR code you see to the right or copy+paste my BTC address:

Every little bit helps even if the donation is a single satoshi.

I will be getting a donation button set up that uses CoinPayments at some point so that I can more easily support multiple coins. For now, if you want to use a different coin you can always just buy something from our store!